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What People Are Saying

My friend and I have been doing an aerial fitness class for a little over three months, once a week. I must say it has been one of the best things in my life as far as exercise. So much so, that I am addicted to the class.

We couldn't do much when we went to the first class, but knew we were committed to this. Pam has been a wonderful instructor! She has helped us with whatever we needed to improve. And, we have improved. For anyone who is looking for something new to try in fitness training, I highly recommend it.

It is a wonderful workout for the entire body, especially your core. The hour goes by so fast I can't believe our time is up and trust me when I say, I really don't want to leave.
- Cheryl Furlong, Gig Harbor


My husband and I were looking for a winter activity once triathlon season finished! Its so much fun you barely notice the time pass and its an amazing workout. Aerial and Pam's beautiful smile are the highlight of our exercise week.
- Mary and Ryan


I've been taking aerial rope classes from Pam for about 6 months now. She's a wonderful teacher.

Pam is a ball of fire and energy who makes everything she does beautiful. Anything I've wanted to learn, she's worked patiently to teach me. Pam is never condescending and never lets me get frustrated when something is difficult. We just find a way to make it work for me until I'm strong enough for the harder version.

I've grown stronger and tighter, gained confidence, learned exciting tricks, and had a great time doing it. I see myself practicing aerial with Pam at Gig Harbor Aerial Fitness for a long time to come.
- Kelsey, Gig Harbor

After years of working out with a personal trainer I became tired of lifting weights and running on a treadmill. Luckily a friend introduced me to Pamella’s classes and it changed my life!  I began to look so forward to my aerial classes.

I even began to dream about it!!   I knew then that I was hooked.

I work with Pamella twice a week and have fallen in love with aerial rope
I am constantly challenged both physically and mentally each week. I now perform often and plan to continue as long as I am able!

- Kim

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